Kseniia Korniienko is a Ukraine native living in Southern California. Her imaginative sketches and watercolors regularly appear in a wide variety of exhibition settings. They also frequently appear at charity events to which Kseniia is pleased to lend support.

At the core of Kseniia’s hundreds of watercolors and thousands of sketches is the clear goal of helping provide people with moments of joy in a too-often dismissive, problematic world. A heart and a soul are everywhere evident in the work, giving hints not only of the world as seen through the eyes of the artist, but of new interpretations of that world, interpretations that clearly transform the everyday into something rather unexpected, something in fact extraordinary.

Not waiting around for the appearance of some ‘‘Mystic Muse,’’ Kseniia makes it a daily habit to just sit down at her drawing board and get to work, where, she believes, “The Muse comes during the work.”

Unfailingly cheerful, Kseniia’s work inspires positive and constructive intentions in viewers, clearly inspiring them to go out in the world and do something newer and better.