Neyla Nachi Bouattour was born in Tunisia, where she graduated from the Art University of Tunisia, following a wide array of studies in the fine arts.

Building on this academic background, Neyla pursued professional practice in the fine arts. Her photographic work has been featured in art magazines, and her art and sculpture have resulted in a wide variety of international exhibitions. Moreover, Neyla has had a wide range of experience in filmmaking, where she has worked as an actress, set designer, and writer.

Ms. Bouattour has been awarded a series of university positions, teaching in fine arts and the environment. Additionally, she has worked in a number of museums and galleries, and was twice honored by research fellow posts at Tunisia’s, Institut National. One of those posts was due to the extraordinary intercultural sensitivity to be found in every aspect of Neyla’s work. This resulted, in part, from a master’s degree she earned in Mediterranean History and Civilization, from Tunisia’s University of Letters and Humanities.

Besides her distinguished application to this variety of interests and pursuits, Neyla has traveled extensively in Europe, North America, and China. Currently, she lives in Los Angeles where she is an illustrator and artist, working across a variety of different media, applications, and products, and as a translator, moving elegantly among French, Arabic, and English.