by Jennifer Pahl Otto, Laura B. DeLind

Chickie Mae, Marcel the Duck, Madam Goose – and these are just the beginning! Along the way this impossible trio is joined by Lavender Lovey, Dooley the Dog, and the handsome Mr. Pig. In fact, it will take a whole barnyard full of whimsical characters to round out the citizens of never-failing-to-entertain LAVENDER HILL FARM.

If ever there was a more eccentric place than this, it could only have been Dorothy’s Oz, where it took Wicked Witches, Tin Men, and Wizards to serve up the mayhem, fun, and pure hilarity of what Lavender Hill Farm citizens turn out day after day, page after page.

Jennifer Pahl Otto never disappoints her readers, and once again young and old alike will not be able to stop reading once they turn the first page of this long-awaited book. And talk about bedtime stories? – your child will INSIST on going to sleep an hour early just to get to the next improbable chapter!

Whimsical illustrations by Laura B. DeLind add to an already distinguished reputation. Her delightful linocuts provide yet another eccentric lens through which to look at this refreshingly original crew with their entirely madcap adventures.

Longtime Jennifer Pahl Otto followers will not want to miss this new outing of hers. Watch too for Mead-Hill’s coming release of this talented story-teller’s concert readings of these fabulous stories – great for bedtime and old-fashioned front-of-the-fireplace yarn-spinners everywhere.