by Jennifer Pahl Otto, Kseniia Korniienko, Zhou Wenjing, Jin Yonglin

Princess Hippopotamus spends all day every day being the perfect princess. She figures that one day she will be a queen, and so the only way to become a good queen is to practice by being a perfect princess!

And Princess Hippopotamus never gets into the kind of trouble her brothers, Prince Wally and Prince Doozer, do – that is, until the day she throws a water balloon off the top of the tallest tower in the kingdom!

(Which unfortunately, lands right on Uncle Tutu’s new and stylish hat!)

This playful book by storyteller Jennifer Pahl Otto, is perfect for reading aloud. The watercolors, by Kseniia Korniienko are delightful to see. Together, they celebrate the need we have for fun in our lives – all of us!