...write your own story - HERE! (for left-handers)

by Neyla Nachi Bouattour

You have heard of stories without illustrations, but have you heard of illustrations without a story?

Mead-Hill brings you this fun adventure – lots of illustrations, just waiting for YOUR story!

In a version for left-handers and a version for right-handers, you will open your book to find the familiar “Once upon a time…” – but that is all.

Page after page awaits you and your imagination, as you take a young heroine through whatever adventure you can invent for her!

Turn the page; imagine what new predicament, or discovery, or obstacle lies in the way of some imaginary goal! Decide who the characters in the illustrations are! Give them a story!

If you find an illustration that doesn’t fit in your story, no problem – just tear out the page, or cover it over with a drawing of your own! or with some picture you cut out of some magazine!

There is no limit to what you can create here – all that’s needed is for you to turn the page and start writing!