by Zhou Wenjing, Joseph Janeti

China Stories of the Silk Road is one of Mead-Hill’s most cherished collection of tales and stories. It presents a thoughtful journey through the region that was host to the fabled Silk Road. Here, Chinese travelers would begin their journey to the West, while foreign traders seeking out the wonders of the Middle Kingdom would begin their travel east, most especially to find the source of China’s precious silk.

Bringing together a baker’s dozen of the famed region’s best-loved folktales, histories, legends, myths, and poems, China Stories of the Silk Road provides a timeless reading experience for young and old alike.

China Stories of the Silk Road presents a wonderful introductory experience to the history of this magical intercultural gateway, its history, culture, and society. Newly (re)celebrated due to President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative with its wide-ranging diplomatic and economic vision, the region is one of inexpressible natural beauty. Not only do its stories introduce foreign audiences to some notable China classics, but the book rounds out the biographies of a number of history’s most famed explorers.