by Shyla Marlin

With deep secrets, calculating confessions, and the eternal fight for a father’s love, Still Standing is a play about two women. In the course of events, they discover a meaning for “family” that runs much deeper than blood.

-What if you never knew you had a sister?

-What if you suddenly found out not only that you did, but that she sees the world just as you do?

-What if you found she had the character to live a life much braver than you ever could!

Having recently lost her father to cancer, Laura Theis looks at her life and finds it neck-deep in superficiality. She panics about her insecure love-life, her indifference to work, her non-existent connections with family.

A spark as to how to unravel these problems suddenly appears when Laura discovers some secret letters of her father’s, revealing an until-now hidden early love life.

Most important, however, Laura discovers a half-sister she never knew existed!