by Robert Iman

What if Joe Deleski could stop a serial killer from murdering kids? What if he could convince his wife to come back to him? What if he could redeem all the suffering and death he caused during the Iraq war? Joe Deleski was once a top psychic for the CIA, called a ‘Remote Viewer.’ Now, haunted by all his guilt from that past, he’s a drunk, has given up on life, and is working as a taxi driver in Los Angeles. Separated from his wife Rachael, Joe would do anything to get her back, except deal with the problems which drove her away in the first place. And Joe has given up on life, just when he’s needed the most!

Tick-Tock is what the press is calling the maniacal serial killer hunting children in Los Angeles. He kidnaps little girls then plays time games with the police that have strict – and deadly – time-lines connected to them. Three girls have been murdered in three weeks, and the Los Angeles police are nowhere near stopping him.

They turn to Frank Shaw, an ex-CIA agent that started his own company to exploit Remote-Viewing when the program was declassified. It was Shaw who trained remote viewers in the first place. But Shaw currently has his own problems – mainly just keeping his business going. And so Shaw turns to Joe Deleski, his #1 star Remote-Viewer. The meeting rekindles old resentments between Joe and his onetime boss.

But for Joe, this is his last chance to do something meaningful, to put his life back together, and to be with Rachael once again, even if he just doesn’t know it yet. Nor does he know the danger that he and Rachael are in…

Directed Remote Viewing
look deep see far…