by Meleena Erikson

Mead-Hill is proud to present North of Boston, another edgy work from Meleena Erikson. This time the New England author turns her pen on women, men, relationships of all kinds, and memories, dreams, reflections on work, play, and just plain pondering the meanings of it all – there are no limits to the subject matter of the prose poems in this collection.

Besides Erikson’s trademark humor-with-an-edge brand of mild irony, North of Boston is doubly interesting because of the way Meleena composed it: a set of daily stories, observations, thought pieces – call these what you will – each of them provoked by one of the morning’s social media postings (her introduction tells the tale in more detail).

New Erikson readers will want to think about these thoughtful pieces, maybe even copy some of them for magnets-on-refrigerators; die-hard fans will want to read them again and again, their being so contemporary and right-on in this relationship business, this moving from country to city to country again business, and their pointed perspectives on work, friendships, and associations of every stripe.