South Peeveetoe, Texas

by Tommy LeVrier

Tommy LeVrier’s South Peeveetoe, Texas presents an arresting set of charming stories set in a small mythical town situated in the East Texas oilfields of the early-to-mid 1960s.  Individuals arising in the various stories survive to interact with each other throughout the book.

This loveable, if astonishing, array of characters includes the traveling healing preacher from Frankenstein and the Polio Girl; the scapegoat run out of Dodge in Oilfield Roosevelt; the troublesome town drunk who appears in Rupert, Frankie Rose, and Stubby; and the white trash class in Billy Hole.

Tommy LeVrier does not back down from the realities of the time and place, but bravely takes on its racism and bigotry.  Regardless, he manages to show great compassion for his proud South Peeveetoe people, individuals who remain firmly and proudly rooted in the place as they keep on keeping on, fighting poverty, ignorance, and a host of contemporary medical maladies.