by Zhou Chunlai

Mead-Hill is pleased to publish yet another in its series of Zhou Chunlai’s always exquisitely thoughtful photographic essays. This time Dr. Zhou takes us for an inspired visit to one of the world’s most exotic destinations: Morocco!

Along the way, we see things large – architecture, deserts, back alleys, landscapes, art, monuments, rivers – and more than anything: stunning and intricate detailing to be found in religious and secular buildings. Moreover, we meet a tea party of unlikely characters in the medina!

Each of the book’s sections has a story, and each photo has a tale.

Readers will come away with a distinct sense of Morocco, and why it is host to world heritage destinations. Moreover, an accurate look at how the country unfolds to the traveler will greet every visitor spending time with this magical book, the most poetic in the series thus far.

As said in the past of each of Zhou Chunlai’s books – it is as educational as it is entertaining.