by Chris Blecher

Mead-Hill and Ponderosa are pleased to present The Stone Crystal.

Chris Blecher’s lovely book takes us on an amazing photographic journey, a tour whose tale is as charmed as the photos it spawned. The story of how those pictures came to be blends with their unique, playful improvisation, combines with them to convey the power of good will, optimism, and energy.

Readers will learn how a mystery lady and her magical stone found their way into Chris’ life. They will follow the crystal as it leads two young people through a spirited South Africa kaleidoscope, one which allowed it into settings of great natural beauty, into the confounding places and spaces revealed in these astonishing photographs.

More than anything, this little book is testament not only to a location and its spellbinding magic, but to the playful spirit of a special fellow’s special friend – and her crystal.