Jin Yonglin was born in Shanghai. Initially making his way with a high school education, he spent some years at farming. He then joined the construction corps of the People’s Liberation Army, and was stationed in Hei Longjiang. There he began a professionally adventurous life – building houses, making bricks, working as a woodcutter and a miner. Also in this creative period, he worked in river reclamation, as a wine maker, as an agent in a grain warehouse, and at last as a teacher.

Eventually, Yonglin did get to attend university, but was not able to finish since it was now time for him to return to city life from his years in the countryside. He supported himself by working at various tasks in a refrigeration factory, (including chef and bank teller), while attending university courses in the evening. This led to Yonglin’s new career: middle school teaching of English.

In these days, Yonglin falls in love with Taichi, with making new friends, with translating books into and out of Chinese.