Nora Fladeboe was born on a farm near Milnor, North Dakota, the daughter of Johannes (John) Fladeboe and his wife, the former Bertha Boyum, a one-time rural schoolteacher.

Like the other five members of her family, Nora Fladeboe received her elementary education in a rural school, later completing a high school course in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Married in 1923 to Ralph E. Mohberg, she was left a widow with four children, in 1950. Returning to teaching and also to summer sessions at college, she taught in a rural school, in the primary grades of the Milnor Public School, and later, after completing her bachelor’s degree, in the high schools at LaMoure, Milnor, and Ayr, North Dakota.

After a summer as a substitute library consultant, Mrs. Mohberg was given a position on the staff of the State Library Commission. On leave, she completed a MSLS in the Library School of the University of Wisconsin, during the winter of 1964-65, and returned to the Commission.

Nora worked for the North Dakota Library Commission as supervisor of a 5-county rural library demonstration unit based in Grafton and Cooperstown, until she retired. She moved to Wahpeton, where she was active doing volunteer work for State and County Historical Societies.