Stephanie Maher, known primarily as a dancer, choreographer, and improvisational teacher, is also highly regarded for her metaphysical contributions to movement-based eco-art and education.

Originally based in New York and San Francisco, at a critical time in her own development Maher relocated to Berlin, where she continues to perform, organize and teach. Known for her breathtaking physicality and creation of original works which express her unique blend of intimacy, sensitivity and wild sense of play, Maher continues to be sought after for performance-making, release-based technique and contact improvisation.

Moving from the community-based setting of K77 Studios in Berlin, Stephanie founded the Ponderosa Festival in Stolzenhagen, Germany. There, Maher continues to improvisationally structure a creative dance which engages the physical, the spiritual, and the land.

In this way, Maher constantly challenges the boundaries of international networking and integrative dance, all the while creating multiple avenues of support for self-actualizing, grassroots, non-profit organizations. Collectively, their products include a variety of spontaneous, curious, and outspoken performance installations which create frames for unique collaborative happenings that blend the physical, political, educative, and international frontiers of contemporary dance education.