Tatiana Samarskaya-Vozniouk, of Russian-Ukrainian heritage, has lived in the US since 1991. There her work has allowed her to introduce to the public artists from every continent. Also, Tatiana is widely known for the variety of world-class cultural events she has arranged; these are often evocative of the charm and sensibility of bygone eras.

Tatiana descends from distinguished, politically active families. An uncle was an assistant to Andrei Gromyko, and as a journalist, accompanied Nikita Khrushchev on his celebrated visit to the United States. Her mother was a poet, painter, and nurse who cared for the elderly and children. Her father received numerous State honors in his lifetime; one (which came with an official State title) was awarded for his work in saving the lives of Jewish people during the Holocaust; another was for being one of the engineers who volunteered to go into Chernobyl to clean up after the nuclear disaster.

Tatiana has been awarded the Saint Anna (Russian) and the Saint Stanislas (Ukrainian) Medals of Honor for her International charitable and cultural work. She has done extensive biographical and autobiographical writing.

Tatiana currently lives in Beverly Hills, CA. Her international experience and sensibility are special assets to Mead-Hill’s cultural exchange publications, especially those involving Russia and China.